Alex Madden-Beatley

  • Denver, CO

Artist Statement

In nature time seems nonexistent, and the aesthetic beauty of organic matter liberates me from all obligations, cutting my ties with reality. Nature lights up my inner soul like the sun lights up this Earth. The vastness of the land, and its mysterious quality, makes me feel like possibilities are endless. That is what inspires me. I have dealt with many losses in my life, but I am thankful that I have always been able to find that inner light in every situation. For me, art exhibits the fact that nature makes me feel at home, where nothing other than enjoying the moment, could matter more. I have spent much of my life being independent, which I feel my photography exhibits in these landscapes. They explore myself as an adult who has managed to find beauty in the most foreign and desolate places. Out of the photographs I took this summer, these pieces stand out to me because they represent a transformation in my life. They are the beginning to my exploration of the future.

I hope when someone looks at my artwork they will feel accomplishment and determination. The reaction I strive for in my work is happiness. When someone looks at my photographs, I want them to feel that inner light inside of them illuminate. I have my whole life ahead of me to find more incredible places that a photograph cannot possible depict. I hope for myself that I will be able to discover and share these places with others, because it truly liberates one from their chaotic life. Art to me is something that will constantly be discovered when you least expect it. It took me years of exploration to find what speaks to my heart, and how to channel it through to my art. It is a passion that will never be left behind.
-Alexandra Madden-Beatley

I use a 35m Cannon, few are digital images. I use lomography film, which gives the images intense hues, they are not edited to look that way.


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